A Message from Cathy Reith, President of The Needlework Guild of Canada, Toronto Branch

Good afternoon everyone. This is our second AGM meeting in person since covid and its enjoyable to reconnect again with everyone. We have all had enough of zoom meetings!

I have been with the Needlework Guild for about 6 years. Many of you got involved through your mothers and/or grandmothers which is a lovely tradition to carry on. I don’t have that same history. When we moved downtown after retirement I wanted to get involved with a knitting group to help those in need. Through social media I discovered the Needlework Guild and connected with both Sue Garskey and Jane Craig. That was the start of good friendships and the satisfaction of helping our agencies. Now more than ever, social media is becoming important for any group to reach out to others. Our plan is to work on our Facebook and Instagram pages, thanks to the help of Brenda Rathbone.

Distribution Day 2022 was very successful. We donated knitted and purchased items to 20 agencies, serving over 84,000 clients. As a result of covid our agencies have found their needs are changing and we have endeavored to adjust to these new requirements.

We also held our second Knit In The Park in September and it was very successful. We are planning to hold it again this year on September 9Th. Many thanks to everyone on the board for all your efforts this past year. A special thank you to our core group that worked extremely hard to ensure another successful Distribution Day.

I look forward to working with all of you to ensure we have a very successful 2023.


Cathy Reith, President